1500 kV capacitive divider

The partner in High Voltage Capacitors

More than 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing capacitors

Isofarad Ltd. was founded in 1992 by electrical engineers specialised in designing and manufacturing medium- and high voltage capacitors. Continuing the work of the former, state-owned company, the Mechanikai Művek, our company first manufactured medium voltage capacitors, mainly for power factor correction (PFC). In the mid ’90s the development of high voltage capacitors started and now they are the main products of our company.

Our capacitors, voltage dividers and filters are present all over the world in HV laboratories and test systems. We are ready to design and manufacture unique products and also offer to repair or renew old or failured high voltage capacitors. Our goal is to give the best solution to the customers, and to build strong business relationships.

Some of our most common products

Coupling capacitors

PD-free coupling capacitors for PD measurements

Impulse capacitors

Impulse capacitors for impulse generators

Standard capacitors

Standard capacitors for C and tandelta measurements

LC filters

LC filters for filtering the PD-noise of trasformers