Impulse capacitors

For impulse generators, impulse test systems

We offer both metal-case impulse capacitors and capacitors in fiberglass-reinforced epoxy resin insulator tubes. Our most frequent products are 100kV 1uF and 100kV 0.5uF impulse capacitors, but since the properties of the capacitor is highly dependant on the test systems they are installed into, we design every capacitor uniquely – dimensions of the case, brackets, flange diameters, fixing points etc. We design our impulse capacitors with all-film technology. Only the best, high-quality materials – sourced from Europe – are used in manufacture. As for the electrical properties, impulse capacitors from 10kV up to 200kV are available. The capacitance is in the range of 1nF to 1uF. If you need any type of impulse capacitor, contact us to find a solution! ISOFARAD impulse capacitors can be found in numerous impulse test systems, as they are known for their extreme durability and long expected lifetime. We also offer to undertake larger projects for impulse generators joint with an american HV company with many years of experience in manufacturing impulse generators.