Coupling capacitors

High-quality, compact PD-free capacitors for various applications.

coupling capacitor

Basically we manufacture the capacitors on an easily moveable trolley - a base plate with wheels - and a top electrode - appropriate for the rated voltage. Naturally we can easily adapt to the requirements - both the dimensions and the electrical properties.

Although we have standardized products on stock - 50, 100 and 200kV, 100pF or 1nF capacitors- we can easily design our capacitors between 5kV and 1800kV. Many years of expereince lead to our latest design, where the PD-level is below 1 pC.

ISOFARAD coupling capacitors are present all-over the world in HV laboratories and test systems. They are usually used in PD measurements or as voltage dividers. We offer measuring impedance for the capacitors - if requested.