Special Capacitors
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We manufacture these capacitors in steel case , with two identical bushings ( welded to the case) .
The capacitor core is a stack of ecological oil impregnated (SAS 60E) flat rolls, made of biaxially orientated hazy polypropylene films between lase slitted type aluminium foil electrodes.

Electrical Characteristics

Low dissipation factors (0.0001...0.00015) and low partial discharge level are the characteristic of ISOFARAD power capacitors.
This is due to exellent all film dielectric.Both surfaces of the hazy film are roughed , which ensures spotless , perfect impregnation .
The impregnating material (SAS 60E) is a synthetic aromatic hydrocarbon fluid having very good partial discharge characteristic and low viscosity even at low temperature.
The all film dielectric is stable even in the case of impulse voltages , which is an important property of capacitors.


Technical Data

Rated voltage:

1 kV....22 kV

Rated reactive power:

25 kvar...400 kvar

Capacitance tolerance:


Rated frequency:

50 or 60Hz

Power frequency loss factor:


Case insulation level:

28 kV...50 kV , 50 Hz, 1 min / 75 kV ...125 kV BIL

Internal fuse :

for request

Maximum ambient temperature

50 C grad

Minimum ambient temperature

-40 C grad


Outdoors or indoors

Maximum current:

1.3 In

Maximum voltage:

1.1 Un ( long duration)
1.2 Un ( for few days)

Factory routin test

AC or DC voltage according to standard IEC 871
Discharge resistance measurement
Loss measurement
Capacitance measurement


2 bushings welded to the container
standard colour grey


M12 or M16 stainless steel